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Company History

For over 23 years, Big City Crushed Concrete has provided the construction industry significant economic and environmental benefits by recycling clean, concrete rubble into TXDOT Grade rock materials. By using crushed concrete products, anyone from homeowners, to landscapers, to general contractors, can help reduce landfilled concrete waste, conserve natural resources, and gain significant economic savings on materials and disposal costs.

We currently operate five full-time facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Each site accepts disposal of CLEAN (no trash or dirt) concrete rubble free of charge. This service provides contractors involved in a LEED project an excellent opportunity to acquire points by recycling. Contractors also gain points by using our high quality finished products produced through the crushing and recycling process.

We produce TXDOT Grade 1 Flexible Base, which is used for base under paving. Other uses include capping building pads, temporary roads and building staging areas. Additional materials produced from concrete crushing include a 3/8" minus base, 1½" rock for draining fill and 3" rock used for construction yards or entrances.

In addition to concrete recycling, we provide onsite mobile crushing to customers including major highway and demolition contractors, and municipalities.

Because of Big City Crushed Concrete's extensive experience and commitment to producing higher quality products, our customers have total confidence in using our materials and our on-site crushing services.

Whether you need a disposal site, rock materials, or concrete crushing on-site, please consider us for your next project!

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